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The patchwork perspective: A new view for patient experience

Experience Journal by an authorized editor of Patient Experience Journal 1 Jason A. Wolf PhD hT e Beryl Institute / Patient Experience Journal 2 Jason A. Wolf , PhD, CPXP , The Beryl Institute/Patient

The experience era is upon us

In this moment in healthcare, the challenges for those in the system are dynamically shifting and the perspectives, desires and needs of the healthcare consumer are putting positive and lasting pressures on how healthcare works that will shift healthcare from where it has been to where it must go. At the heart of this transition are the ideas framing an experience era, where...

Patient experience: Driving outcomes at the heart of healthcare

There is no longer a question that patient experience matters in healthcare today. It matters for those that are cared for and served and matters to all those working each and every day to provide the best in care at all touch points across the healthcare continuum. With this recognition, there too needs to be a change in mindset about patient experience itself. When addressing...

Patient Experience: The field and future

by Patient Experience Journal. It has been accepted for inclusion in Patient Experience Journal by an authorized editor of Patient Experience Journal 1 Jason A. Wolf PhD hT e Beryl Institute / Patient

The patient experience movement moves on

boundless. Jason A. Wolf, PhD Founding Editor April 30, 2015 Wolf , Jason A. PhD; Niederhauser , Victoria DrPH , RN; Marshburn, Dianne PhD , RN, NE-BC; and LaVela , Sherri L. PhD, MPH , MBA ( 2014

A gathering place for patient experience research: The power of community

together can only lead to good things for all seeking or delivering care. It is a cause for which we should (and will) remain relentless. Here is to continuing this great journey together. Jason A. Wolf

Expanding the dialogue on patient experience

the Health Services Research Commons 0 1 0 Jason A. Wolf PhD Editor, Patient Experience Journal, President, Th e Beryl Institute 1 Jason A. Wolf , PhD, Editor, Patient Experience Journal, President ... delivering care. It is a cause for which we should remain relentless. Welcome again to the inaugural issue of Patient Experience Journal. Here is to the start of a great journey together. Jason A. Wolf, Ph.D

Can insurance provide the US dairy farm safety net?

US farm programs have been moving towards using insurance to provide the farm safety net for many years but this policy transformation has not been realized for dairy farms. Historically, support for dairy farmers focused on milk price but has been declining in real terms for decades. Dairy policy in the US has been in flux because of the recent increases in feed price levels and...

Patient experience established: One year later

Scholars and administrators have long dedicated themselves to centering healthcare conversations and debates on the experiences of patients and their families. Patient experience advocates view these experiences as critical to evaluations of healthcare quality. There have been a great multitude of important contributions, yet, for decades, these calls for patient-centric care...

The patient experience movement moment

For years, the patient experience movement has continued to gain momentum. From a novel concept, there is an emerging consensus that the patient experience is a fundamental aspect of provider quality; one that complements established clinical process and outcome measures but is neither subsumed nor secondary to them. An increasing volume of research as encouraged by publications...

Infinite dimensional multiplicity free spaces III: matrix coefficients and regular functions

Joseph A. Wolf In earlier papers we studied direct limits (G, K ) = lim (Gn , Kn ) of two types of Gelfand pairs. The first type was that in which the Gn/Kn are compact Riemannian symmetric spaces

Evidence for Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 as a Mediator of Amphetamine-Enhanced Motor Improvement following Stroke

Previously we have shown that addition of amphetamine to physical therapy results in enhanced motor improvement following stroke in rats, which was associated with the formation of new motor pathways from cortical projection neurons of the contralesional cortex. It is unclear what mechanisms are involved, but amphetamine is known to induce the neuronal release of catecholamines...

Intrathecal heat shock protein 60 mediates neurodegeneration and demyelination in the CNS through a TLR4- and MyD88-dependent pathway

Background Toll-like receptors (TLR) constitute a highly conserved class of receptors through which the innate immune system responds to both pathogen- and host-derived factors. Although TLRs are involved in a wide range of central nervous system (CNS) disorders including neurodegenerative diseases, the molecular events leading from CNS injury to activation of these innate immune...

Defining Patient Experience

2 Jason A. Wolf , PhD, Editor, Patient Experience Journal, President , The Beryl Institute Victoria Niederhauser, DrPH, RN, Dean & Professor, The University of Tennessee Knoxville, College of Nursing

Ungulate herbivory modifies the effects of climate change on mountain forests

Management, Institute of Terrestrial Ecosystems, ETH Zurich) was of great assistance in the revision of the tree species-specific browsing sensitivities. A. Wolf acknowledges funding by the Swiss NCCR Climate