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A Dynamic Branch-Switching Method for Parametrically Excited Systems

Shock and Vibration 1070-9622 A dynamic branch-switching method for parametrically excited systems A.Y.T. Leung 0 T. Ge 0 0 School of Engineering, University of Manchester , Manchester M13 9PL , UK ... ), 55 - 62 . [3] N.J. Fergusson and A.Y.T. Leung , Harmonic balance calculations by using matrices , J. of Sound and Vibration 182 ( 1995 ), 559 - 563 . [4] A.A. Ferri , On the equivalence of the

An Algorithm for Higher Order Hopf Normal Forms

Normal form theory is important for studying the qualitative behavior of nonlinear oscillators. In some cases, higher order normal forms are required to understand the dynamic behavior near an equilibrium or a periodic orbit. However, the computation of high-order normal forms is usually quite complicated. This article provides an explicit formula for the normalization of...