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Tracking the follow-up of work in progress papers

Academic conferences offer numerous submission tracks to support the inclusion of a variety of researchers and topics. Work in progress papers are one such submission type where authors present preliminary results in a poster session. They have recently gained popularity in the area of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) as a relatively easier pathway to attending the conference due...

Prenatal high-dose vitamin D 3 supplementation has balanced effects on cord blood Th1 and Th2 responses

-Mahmud Shams El-Arifeen Abdullah Hel Baqui Daniel E. Roth Rubhana Raqib 0 0 Immunobiology, Nutrition and Toxicology Laboratory, Infectious Diseases Division , icddr,b, Dhaka 1212 , Bangladesh Background

Maternal vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy and lactation to promote infant growth in Dhaka, Bangladesh (MDIG trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Committee (TSC): Tahmeed Ahmed, Alison Gernand, David Hamer (external member), M. Munirul Islam, Abdullah Al Mahmud (site principle investigator [PE]), Shaun Morris, Kellie Murphy, Daniel Roth (PI), Rashed

Pharmacokinetics of a single oral dose of vitamin D3 (70,000 IU) in pregnant and non-pregnant women

Background Improvements in antenatal vitamin D status may have maternal-infant health benefits. To inform the design of prenatal vitamin D3 trials, we conducted a pharmacokinetic study of single-dose vitamin D3 supplementation in women of reproductive age. Methods A single oral vitamin D3 dose (70,000 IU) was administered to 34 non-pregnant and 27 pregnant women (27 to 30 weeks...

Randomized placebo-controlled trial of high-dose prenatal third-trimester vitamin D3 supplementation in Bangladesh: the AViDD trial

Background Antenatal vitamin D status may be associated with the risk of adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes; however, the benefits of vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy remain unknown. Methods We conducted a double-blind placebo-controlled randomized trial to evaluate the effect of high-dose prenatal 3rd trimester vitamin D3 supplementation on maternal and neonatal...

Compositional Genome Contexts Affect Gene Expression Control in Sea Urchin Embryo

Gene expression is widely perceived as exclusively controlled by the information contained in cis-regulatory regions. These are built in a modular way, each module being a cluster of binding sites for the transcription factors that control the level, the location and the time at which gene transcription takes place. On the other hand, results from our laboratory have shown that...

Does the Design of a Robot Influence Its Animacy and Perceived Intelligence?

Robots exhibit life-like behavior by performing intelligent actions. To enhance human-robot interaction it is necessary to investigate and understand how end-users perceive such animate behavior. In this paper, we report an experiment to investigate how people perceived different designs of robot embodiments in terms of animacy and intelligence. iCat and Robovie II were used as...