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Folk Lore Uses of Some Plants by the Tribes of Madhya Pradesh with Special Reference to Their Conservation

. , India 3 Corresponging Author: Abhishek Dwivedi , 56,Bhel Nagar, Bhopal, M.P Mob.No 09893478497 Madhya Pradesh sustains a very rich traditional medicinal plant wealth and inherits unique plant and animal ... .; Shrivastava, Satyaendra; Dwivedi, Sangeeta; Dwivedi, Abhishek; Dwivedi, Sumeet and Kaul, Shefali ‘Relevance of medicinal herbs used in traditional system of medicine”,Farmavita. Net, (2007). 7. Dwivedi, Sumeet

Reduced gut microbiome protects from alcohol-induced neuroinflammation and alters intestinal and brain inflammasome expression

, Abhishek Satishchandran1, Arvin Iracheta-Vellve1, Yeonhee Cho1, Aditya Ambade1 and Gyongyi Szabo1Email authorView ORCID ID profile Journal of Neuroinflammation201815:298

Bidirectional association between disturbed sleep and neuropathic pain symptoms: a prospective cohort study in post-total joint replacement participants

Walsh,1–3 Sophie C Warner,1 Hollie L Harvey,1 Wendy Jenkins,1 Abhishek Abhishek,1–3 Michael Doherty,1–3 Ana M Valdes1–3 1Academic Rheumatology, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK; 2Arthritis

Electrochemical Synthesis of Battery Electrode Materials from Ionic Liquids

Electrode materials as well as the electrolytes play a decisive role in batteries determining their performance, safety, and lifetime. In the last two decades, different types of batteries have evolved. A lot of work has been done on lithium ion batteries due to their technical importance in consumer electronics, however, the development of post-lithium systems has become a focus...

Isolated Pancreatic Tuberculosis Mimicking Pancreatic Cancer: A Diagnostic Challenge

3Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, Saint Barnabas Medical Center, RWJBarnabas Health, West Orange, NJ, USA Correspondence should be addressed to Abhishek Bhurwal; moc.liamg ... @lawruhb.kehsihba Received 14 November 2017; Accepted 12 March 2018; Published 12 April 2018 Academic Editor: Gregory Kouraklis Copyright © 2018 Abhishek Bhurwal et al. This is an open access article distributed

Mineral trioxide aggregate pulpotomy: patient selection and perspectives

Mineral trioxide aggregate pulpotomy: patient selection and perspectives Prasad K Musale,1 Sneha S Kothare,1 Abhishek S Soni2 1Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, M. A. Rangoonwala

Exploring charge and color breaking vacuum in non-holomorphic MSSM

Abstract Non-Holomorphic MSSM (NHSSM) shows various promising features that are not easily obtained in MSSM. However, the additional Non-Holomorphic (NH) trilinear interactions that attribute to the interesting phenomenological features, also modify the effective scalar potential of the model significantly. We derive analytic constraints involving trilinear parameters A t ′ and A...

Triggers of acute attacks of gout, does age of gout onset matter? A primary care based cross-sectional study

people who gave their time to respond to the questionnaire and provide the data for this study. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Abhishek Abhishek, Ana M. Valdes, Wendy Jenkins, Weiya Zhang ... , Michael Doherty. Data curation: Wendy Jenkins. Formal analysis: Abhishek Abhishek, Ana M. Valdes, Weiya Zhang. Funding acquisition: Abhishek Abhishek, Michael Doherty. Investigation: Abhishek Abhishek

Malformed vertebrae: a clinical and imaging review

A variety of structural developmental anomalies affect the vertebral column. Malformed vertebrae can arise secondary to errors of vertebral formation, fusion and/or segmentation and developmental variation. Malformations can be simple with little or no clinical consequence, or complex with serious structural and neurologic implications. These anomalies can occasionally mimic...

Oppositional defiant disorder: current insight

Oppositional defiant disorder: current insight Abhishek Ghosh,1 Anirban Ray,2 Aniruddha Basu1 1Drug De-addiction and Treatment Centre, Department of Psychiatry, Postgraduate Institute of Medical

Performance analysis of PV panel under varying surface temperature

The surface temperature of PV panel has an adverse impact on its performance. The several electrical parameters of PV panel, such as open circuit voltage, short circuit current, power output and fill factor depends on the surface temperature of PV panel. In the present study, an experimental work was carried out to investigate the influence of PV panel surface temperature on its...

Thermoacoustic Refrigerator for High Temperature Gradient

Leakage of HFCs, thermal shocks to sensitive devices, moving mechanical components which in turn require more maintenance, are some of the cons of a conventional vapor compression system .The newest field in refrigeration overcoming such flaws is Thermoacoustic refrigerator (TAR), where the sound energy is used to generate a temperature difference which can be used for...

Critical domain interactions for type A RNase P RNA catalysis with and without the specificity domain

Bioimics AB. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Leif A. Kirsebom. Data curation: Guanzhong Mao, Leif A. Kirsebom. 20 / 23 Formal analysis: Guanzhong Mao, Abhishek S. Srivastava, Shiying Wu, David ... Kosek, Magnus Lindell. Funding acquisition: Leif A. Kirsebom. Investigation: Guanzhong Mao, Abhishek S. Srivastava, Shiying Wu, David Kosek, Magnus Lindell. Methodology: Abhishek S. Srivastava