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Reconstruction of recurrent synaptic connectivity of thousands of neurons from simulated spiking activity

Dynamics and function of neuronal networks are determined by their synaptic connectivity. Current experimental methods to analyze synaptic network structure on the cellular level, however, cover only small fractions of functional neuronal circuits, typically without a simultaneous record of neuronal spiking activity. Here we present a method for the reconstruction of large...

Temporal sequence learning via adaptation in biologically plausible spiking neural networks

Renato Duarte 0 Peggy Seris Abigail Morrison 0 0 Bernstein Center Freiburg, Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg , Freiburg im Breisgau, 79104 , Germany - Ecologically relevant computations are

Syntax processing properties of generic cortical circuits

Renato Duarte 0 Peggy Seris Abigail Morrison 0 0 Bernstein Center Freiburg, Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg , Freiburg im Breisgau, 79104 , Germany - Higher cognitive functioning is assumed

Effect of Alzheimer's disease on the dynamical and computational characteristics of recurrent neural networks

Bamberger Abigail Morrison * Correspondence: 1Inst. of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-6) and Inst. for Advanced Simulation (IAS-6), Jlich Research Centre and JARA, Germany Full list of author information is

A reafferent and feed-forward model of song syntax generation in the Bengalese finch

Adult Bengalese finches generate a variable song that obeys a distinct and individual syntax. The syntax is gradually lost over a period of days after deafening and is recovered when hearing is restored. We present a spiking neuronal network model of the song syntax generation and its loss, based on the assumption that the syntax is stored in reafferent connections from the...

An Imperfect Dopaminergic Error Signal Can Drive Temporal-Difference Learning

Morrison 0 Tim Behrens, John Radcliffe Hospital, United Kingdom 0 1 Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-6), Computational and Systems Neuroscience, Research Center J u lich, Ju lich, Germany, 2

Compositionality of arm movements can be realized by propagating synchrony

We present a biologically plausible spiking neuronal network model of free monkey scribbling that reproduces experimental findings on cortical activity and the properties of the scribbling trajectory. The model is based on the idea that synfire chains can encode movement primitives. Here, we map the propagation of activity in a chain to a linearly evolving preferred velocity...

Phenomenological models of synaptic plasticity based on spike timing

Abigail Morrison 0 Markus Diesmann 0 Wulfram Gerstner 0 0 M. Diesmann Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Albert-Ludwigs-University , Freiburg, Germany Synaptic plasticity is

From laptops to supercomputers: a single highly scalable code base for spiking neuronal network simulations

Susanne Kunkel 0 Maximilian Schmidt Jochen M Eppler Hans E Plesser Jun Igarashi Gen Masumoto Tomoki Fukai Shin Ishii Abigail Morrison 0 Markus Diesmann 0 Moritz Helias 0 Simulation Laboratory