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A Comparison of Floating-Electrode DBD and kINPen Jet: Plasma Parameters to Achieve Similar Growth Reduction in Colon Cancer Cells Under Standardized Conditions

A comparative study of two plasma sources (floating-electrode dielectric barrier discharge, DBD, Drexel University; atmospheric pressure argon plasma jet, kINPen, INP Greifswald) on cancer cell toxicity was performed. Cell culture protocols, cytotoxicity assays, and procedures for assessment of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) were standardized between both labs. The inhibitory...

Optimization of Non-Thermal Plasma Treatment in an In Vivo Model Organism

Non-thermal plasma is increasingly being recognized for a wide range of medical and biological applications. However, the effect of non-thermal plasma on physiological functions is not well characterized in in vivo model systems. Here we use a genetically amenable, widely used model system, Drosophila melanogaster, to develop an in vivo system, and investigate the role of non...

Inhibition of Bacterial Conjugation by Phage M13 and Its Protein g3p: Quantitative Analysis and Model

Conjugation is the main mode of horizontal gene transfer that spreads antibiotic resistance among bacteria. Strategies for inhibiting conjugation may be useful for preserving the effectiveness of antibiotics and preventing the emergence of bacterial strains with multiple resistances. Filamentous bacteriophages were first observed to inhibit conjugation several decades ago. Here...