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Sequence analysis of annually normalized citation counts: an empirical analysis based on the characteristic scores and scales (CSS) method

In bibliometrics, only a few publications have focused on the citation histories of publications, where the citations for each citing year are assessed. In this study, therefore, annual categories of field- and time-normalized citation scores (based on the characteristic scores and scales method: 0 = poorly cited, 1 = fairly cited, 2 = remarkably cited, and 3 = outstandingly...

Human Transporter Database: Comprehensive Knowledge and Discovery Tools in the Human Transporter Genes

Transporters are essential in homeostatic exchange of endogenous and exogenous substances at the systematic, organic, cellular, and subcellular levels. Gene mutations of transporters are often related to pharmacogenetics traits. Recent developments in high throughput technologies on genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics allow in depth studies of transporter genes in normal...

Recent Adaptive Events in Human Brain Revealed by Meta-Analysis of Positively Selected Genes

Background and Objectives Analysis of positively-selected genes can help us understand how human evolved, especially the evolution of highly developed cognitive functions. However, previous works have reached conflicting conclusions regarding whether human neuronal genes are over-represented among genes under positive selection. Methods and Results We divided positively-selected...