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Adsorption of Uranyl Ions at the Nano-hydroxyapatite and Its Modification

Nano-hydroxyapatite and its modification, hydroxyapatite with the excess of phosphorus (P-HAP) and hydroxyapatite with the carbon ions built into the structure (C-HAP), were prepared by the wet method. They were studied by means of XRD, accelerated surface area and porosimetry (ASAP), and SEM. The size of crystallites computed using the Scherrer method was nano-hydroxyapatite (HAP) ...

A thermal, sorptive and spectral study of HDTMA-bentonite loaded with uranyl phosphate

The influence of phosphate ions on the thermal stability of complexes obtained by adsorption of uranium(VI) on organobentonite was determined. Organoclay samples were prepared by the reaction of hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide with bentonite. The isotherms of sorption/desorption of U(VI) from aqueous solutions containing phosphate ions onto different forms of bentonite were ...

Efficient uranium immobilization on red clay with phosphates

Uranium is a very toxic and radioactive element. Removal of uranium from wastewaters requires remediation technologies. Actual methods are costly and ineffective when uranium concentration is very low. Little is known about the enhancement of sorption of uranyl ions by phosphate ions on aluminosilicates. Here, we studied sorption of uranyl acetate on red clay in the presence of ...