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High-throughput adaptive sampling for whole-slide histopathology image analysis (HASHI) via convolutional neural networks: Application to invasive breast cancer detection

, Anant Madabhushi, Fabio GonzaÂlez. Data curation: Angel Cruz-Roa, Hannah Gilmore, Ajay Basavanhally, Michael Feldman, Shridar Ganesan, Natalie Shih, John Tomaszewski. Formal analysis: Angel Cruz-Roa ... Madabhushi, Fabio GonzaÂlez. Software: Angel Cruz-Roa, Fabio GonzaÂlez. Supervision: Anant Madabhushi, Fabio GonzaÂlez. Validation: Hannah Gilmore, Ajay Basavanhally, Michael Feldman, Shridar Ganesan

Predicting Classifier Performance with Limited Training Data: Applications to Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Breast and Prostate Cancer

Clinical trials increasingly employ medical imaging data in conjunction with supervised classifiers, where the latter require large amounts of training data to accurately model the system. Yet, a classifier selected at the start of the trial based on smaller and more accessible datasets may yield inaccurate and unstable classification performance. In this paper, we aim to address...