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Soil vapor extraction of wet gasoline-contaminated soil made possible by electroosmotic dewatering–lab simulations applied at a field site

Purpose Soil restoration is still mainly carried out ex situ by excavating and replacing the contaminated soil. In situ remediation would reduce the costs of soil transportation and this way, the problem is not merely transferred elsewhere. The present study introduces a field case where the aged, oil-contaminated soil in a former fuel station in Finland was treated in situ ...

Treatment of municipal wastewater in full-scale on-site sand filter reduces BOD efficiently but does not reach requirements for nitrogen and phosphorus removal

A traditional sand filter for treatment of household wastewater was constructed in the fall of 2012 at Biolinja 12, Turku, Finland. Construction work was led and monitored by an authorized wastewater treatment consultant. The filter was placed on a field bordered by open ditches from all sides in order to collect excess rain and snowmelt waters. The filter was constructed and ...


Dose-Response 1559-3258 0 University of Helsinki , Lahti , Finland Aki Sinkkonen Follow this and additional works at: Recommended Citation - Article 6 ... increase, the response Address correspondence to Aki Sinkkonen, University of Helsinki, Department of Ecological & Environmental Sciences, Niemenkatu 73, FIN-15140 Lahti, Finland, EU. E-mail: ; Phone: +358