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Modeling and control of electroadhesion force in DC voltage

In this paper, a new model for electroadhesion between two surface-insulated plates under DC electric field is presented and control of dynamic responses of electroadhesion force is discussed. Under DC electric field, even if the voltage difference between the plates is constant, electroadhesion force increases or decreases over time depending on the insulating materials. The...

Method for measuring tri-axial lumbar motion angles using wearable sheet stretch sensors

Murata of Kobe University. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Hiroyuki Nakamoto, Tokiya Yamaji, Hideo Ootaka, Yusuke Bessho, Ryo Nakamura, Rei Ono. Data curation: Akio Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Nakamoto ... . Formal analysis: Akio Yamamoto. Funding acquisition: Hiroyuki Nakamoto, Rei Ono. Investigation: Akio Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Nakamoto, Tokiya Yamaji, Hideo Ootaka, Yusuke Bessho, Ryo Nakamura. Methodology

Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS) Contributing to Climate Change Analysis and Disaster Risk Reduction

natural environment and human society, especially in water-related disaster issues. He has 18 years experience of GIS analysis and database development. X close Akio Yamamoto, Institute of

Interaction force estimation on a built-in position sensor for an electrostatic visuo-haptic display

This paper discusses a force sensing method using a built-in position sensing system for an electrostatic visuo-haptic display. The display provides passive haptic feedback on a flat panel visual monitor, such as LCD, using electrostatic friction modulation via multiple contact pads arranged on a surface-insulated transparent electrode. The display demonstrated in previous...

Difference in Postural Control during Quiet Standing between Young Children and Adults: Assessment with Center of Mass Acceleration

The development of upright postural control has often been investigated using time series of center of foot pressure (COP), which is proportional to the ankle joint torque (i.e., the motor output of a single joint). However, the center of body mass acceleration (COMacc), which can reflect joint motions throughout the body as well as multi-joint coordination, is useful for the...

Smoking Cessation and Mortality from Cardiovascular Disease among Japanese Men and Women: The JACC Study

To examine the effect of smoking cessation on cardiovascular disease mortality in Asians, the authors conducted a 10-year prospective cohort study of 94,683 Japanese (41,782 men and 52,901 women) aged 40–79 years who were part of the Japan Collaborative Cohort Study for Evaluation of Cancer Risk (JACC Study). During 941,043 person-years of follow-up between 1989–1990 and 1999...