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Psychometric assessment of a scale to measure bonding workplace social capital

who have an interest in the analysis using J-HOPE data, please contact Prof. Akizumi Tsutsumi, who is one of the data managing committee members and are responsible for the J-HOPE data, . Objectives

Correction: Work Engagement as a Predictor of Onset of Major Depressive Episode (MDE) among Workers, Independent of Psychological Distress: A 3-Year Prospective Cohort Study

Norito Kawakami Akiomi Inoue Akihito Shimazu Akizumi Tsutsumi Masaya Takahashi Takafumi Totsuzaki There are multiple errors in the body of the manuscript and Fig 1. The last sentence of the `Participant

The First Pilot Genome-Wide Gene-Environment Study of Depression in the Japanese Population

Stressful events have been identified as a risk factor for depression. Although gene–environment (G × E) interaction in a limited number of candidate genes has been explored, no genome-wide search has been reported. The aim of the present study is to identify genes that influence the association of stressful events with depression. Therefore, we performed a genome-wide G × E...

Work Engagement as a Predictor of Onset of Major Depressive Episode (MDE) among Workers, Independent of Psychological Distress: A 3-Year Prospective Cohort Study

to transfer to a data archiving organization, the ad-hoc committee chaired by Prof Akizumi Tsutsumi is taking care of this role. Data are from the occupational cohort study on social class and health

Occupational Health—Items on the Research Agenda

Akizumi Tsutsumi 0 ) Occupational Health Training Center, University of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan , Kitakyushu, Japan - Occupational health and the well-being of working people

Socioeconomic Determinants of Bullying in the Workplace: A National Representative Sample in Japan

Bullying in the workplace is an increasingly recognized threat to employee health. We sought to test three hypotheses related to the determinants of workplace bullying: power distance at work; safety climate; and frustration related to perceived social inequality. A questionnaire survey was administered to a nationally representative community-based sample of 5,000 residents in...

Optimal Cutoff Values of WHO-HPQ Presenteeism Scores by ROC Analysis for Preventing Mental Sickness Absence in Japanese Prospective Cohort

Objectives Sickness absence due to mental disease in the workplace has become a global public health problem. Previous studies report that sickness presenteeism is associated with sickness absence. We aimed to determine optimal cutoff scores for presenteeism in the screening of the future absences due to mental disease. Methods A prospective study of 2195 Japanese employees from...

Association of Job Demands with Work Engagement of Japanese Employees: Comparison of Challenges with Hindrances (J-HOPE)

Objectives Recent epidemiological research in Europe has reported that two groups of job demands, i.e., challenges and hindrances, are differently associated with work engagement. The purpose of the present study was to replicate the cross-sectional association of workload and time pressure (as a challenge) and role ambiguity (as a hindrance) with work engagement among Japanese...

Associations Between Diabetes, Leanness, and the Risk of Death in the Japanese General Population: The Jichi Medical School Cohort Study


Folate intake and depressive symptoms in Japanese workers considering SES and job stress factors: J-HOPE study

BackgroundRecently socioeconomic status (SES) and job stress index received more attention to affect mental health. Folate intake has been implicated to have negative association with depression. However, few studies were published for the evidence association together with the consideration of SES and job stress factors. The current study is a part of the Japanese study of...

Types of psychosocial job demands and adverse events due to dental mismanagement: a cross sectional study

Background A harsh work environment including psychosocial job demands might cause adverse events due to medical mismanagement, but the association has not been explored. The purpose of the study was to investigate whether some types of psychosocial job demands are associated with adverse events due to dental mismanagement experienced by general dental practitioners. Methods A...