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Retraction Note to: The exocyst in Candida albicans polarized secretion and filamentation

111-J, Albuquerque, NM 87108 , USA 2 Alba A. Chavez-Dozal 3 Chavez-Dozal AA , Bernardo SM, Rane HS, Herrera G, Kulkarny V, Wagener J, Cunningham I, Brand AC, Gow NA , Lee SA (2015a) The Candida albicans

Gene-Swapping Mediates Host Specificity among Symbiotic Bacteria in a Beneficial Symbiosis

Environmentally acquired beneficial associations are comprised of a wide variety of symbiotic species that vary both genetically and phenotypically, and therefore have differential colonization abilities, even when symbionts are of the same species. Strain variation is common among conspecific hosts, where subtle differences can lead to competitive exclusion between closely...