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À propos dela strongyloïdose des chats

Article available at or A PROPOS DE LA STRONGYLOÏDOSE DES CHATS (1) Par Albert ERHARDT et Karl DENECKE (1) Traduit de

À propos dela strongyloïdose des chats

Article available at or A PROPOS DE LA STRONGYLOÏDOSE DES CHATS (1) Par Albert ERHARDT et Karl DENECKE (1) Traduit de

À propos dela strongyloïdose des chats

Article available at or A PROPOS DE LA STRONGYLOÏDOSE DES CHATS (1) Par Albert ERHARDT et Karl DENECKE (1) Traduit de

Crowdsourcing architectural beauty: Online photo frequency predicts building aesthetic ratings

Conceptualization: Albert Saiz, Arianna Salazar. Data curation: Arianna Salazar. Formal analysis: Arianna Salazar. Methodology: Albert Saiz, Arianna Salazar. Project administration: Albert Saiz, James Bernard ... . Resources: James Bernard. Visualization: Arianna Salazar. Writing ± original draft: Arianna Salazar. Writing ± review & editing: Albert Saiz, Arianna Salazar. 13 / 15 14 / 15 1. Newman O . Defensible

International Migration and Fertility Variation in Spain during the Economic Recession: A Spatial Durbin Approach

In this paper, we examine the effects of unemployment, immigration and emigration on fertility variation during the Great Recession in Spain, while taking account of trans-spatial relationships. Using a spatial Durbin approach and panel data with observations from 50 Spanish provinces, we investigate the impact of an increase in unemployment on fertility and ask whether, and to...

Reflexiones en torno al engaño en las comunicaciones comerciales

El engaño al consumidor y usuario es uno de los supuestos de ilicitud de mayor recorrido en el ámbito de la regulación de las comunicaciones comerciales. La normativa española contempla el engaño desde diferentes perspectivas: por la forma del mensaje y por su contenido; por acción u omisión; por el destinatario del mismo; por aspectos intrínsecos de dichos mensajes o, por su...

Self-Transformation Through the Experience and Resolution of Mental Health Crises

positive transformation resulting from the experience and resolution of a mental health crisis. The purpose of this study (Albert, 2005a) was to investigate transformational growth, that is, the ... modern psychology’s 60 Albert conception of mental health crises. The resolution of these crises, which was a secondary aspect of these researchers’ findings, implied that the challenging experience

Diverse landscapes, diverse risks: synthesis of the special issue on climate change and adaptive capacity in a hotter, drier Southwestern United States

, 2017a: County-level climate change information to support decision-making on working lands within USDA climate hub regions . Clim Chang Elias , E. , Julian Reyes , Caiti Steele, Albert Rango, 2017b

Entanglement in Spatial Adiabatic Processes for Interacting Atoms

We study the dynamics of the non-classical correlations for few atom systems in the presence of strong interactions for a number of recently developed adiabatic state preparation protocols. We show that entanglement can be created in a controlled fashion and can be attributed to two distinct sources, the atom–atom interaction and the distribution of atoms among different traps.

Early-life conditions and health at older ages: The mediating role of educational attainment, family and employment trajectories

the proportion of individuals in each of the different states at each time point. (TIFF) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Bruno Arpino, Jordi Gumà, Albert Julià. Formal analysis: Jordi Gumà ... , Albert Julià. Funding acquisition: Bruno Arpino. Methodology: Bruno Arpino. Supervision: Bruno Arpino. Writing ± original draft: Bruno Arpino, Jordi Gumà, Albert Julià. Writing ± review & editing: Bruno

Training radial basis function networks for wind speed prediction using PSO enhanced differential search optimizer

± original draft: Hannah Jessie Rani R., Aruldoss Albert Victoire T. 1. Kalogirou SA, Applications of artificial neural-networks for energy systems. Energy Systems 2000: 67 (1): 17±35. 33 / 35 26. Shen W, Guo

Cellular therapy with human autologous adipose-derived adult cells of stromal vascular fraction for alopecia areata

Albert Azar 4 Francine Rizk 3 Aline Hamade 3 0 Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences 3, Lebanese University , Kobbe , Lebanon 1 Stem Cells, Organogenesis and and Regenerative Medicine, Lebanese

Circularly permuted variants of two CG-specific prokaryotic DNA methyltransferases

Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences , Szeged , Hungary , 2 Doctoral School in Biology, Faculty of Science and Informatics, University of Szeged , Szeged , Hungary 1 Editor: Albert Jeltsch ... the manuscript. Data curation: PaÂl Albert, Bence Varga, Nikolett Zsibrita. Formal analysis: PaÂl Albert, Bence Varga, Nikolett Zsibrita, Antal Kiss. Funding acquisition: Antal Kiss. Investigation

Inhibition of the RhoGTPase Cdc42 by ML141 enhances hepatocyte differentiation from human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells via the Wnt5a/PI3K/miR-122 pathway: impact of the age of the donor

BackgroundHuman adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hADSCs) are promising cells that may promote hepatocyte differentiation (Hep-Dif) and improve liver function, but the involvement of Cdc42, a key small RhoGTPase which plays a crucial role in aging, is still not well established. We hypothesized that the inhibition of Cdc42 may rescue the hepatogenic potential of hADSCs...

HappyTools: A software for high-throughput HPLC data processing and quantitation

: Albert Bondt, Manfred Wuhrer, Daniel Ian Richard Spencer. 12 / 14 Validation: Bas Cornelis Jansen, Lise Hafkenscheid, Albert Bondt, Richard Andrew Gardner, Jenifer Lynn Hendel. Writing ± original draft ... : Bas Cornelis Jansen, Lise Hafkenscheid, Albert Bondt, Richard Andrew Gardner, Jenifer Lynn Hendel, Manfred Wuhrer, Daniel Ian Richard Spencer. Writing ± review & editing: Bas Cornelis Jansen, Albert

The Role of Argument in Negotiation

House. Godden , David. 2016 . Commentary on Jan Albert van Laar & Erik C.W. Krabbe ''Splitting a difference of opinion'' . In Argumentation, Objectivity, and Bias: Proceedings of the 11th International ... : 145 - 165 . Krabbe , Erik C.W., and Jan Albert van Laar. 2007 . About old and new dialectic: Dialogues, fallacies, and strategies . Informal Logic 27 ( 1 ): 27 - 58 . Mansbridge , Jane, James Bohman

Phylogenetic analysis of the core histone doublet and DNA topo II genes of Marseilleviridae: evidence of proto-eukaryotic provenance

While the genomes of eukaryotes and Archaea both encode the histone-fold domain, only eukaryotes encode the core histone paralogs H2A, H2B, H3, and H4. With DNA, these core histones assemble into the nucleosomal octamer underlying eukaryotic chromatin. Importantly, core histones for H2A and H3 are maintained as neofunctionalized paralogs adapted for general bulk chromatin...