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Correction to: Dimensions of Peer Influences and Their Relationship to Adolescents’ Aggression, Other Problem Behaviors and Prosocial Behavior

● Erin L. Thompson 0 ● Krista R. Mehari 0 Albert D. Farrell 0 0 Department of Psychology , Violence Prevention Initiative , The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia , 3535 Market St, Rm. 1464, Philadelphia ... Survey. By A. D. Farrell (2016). Richmond, VA: Virginia Commonwealth University. Copyright 2016 by Albert D. Farrell. Reprinted with permission” that was provided in the revised version. Department of

Designs for Evaluating the Community-Level Impact of Comprehensive Prevention Programs: Examples from the CDC Centers of Excellence in Youth Violence Prevention

This article discusses the opportunities and challenges of developing research designs to evaluate the impact of community-level prevention efforts. To illustrate examples of evaluation designs, we describe six projects funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to evaluate multifaceted approaches to reduce youth violence in high-risk communities. Each of these...

Using Surveillance Data to Inform Community Action: The Effect of Alcohol Sale Restrictions on Intentional Injury-related Ambulance Pickups

Youth violence disproportionately affects inner city, urban minority communities in the USA. This article illustrates the use of surveillance data to inform and evaluate community action directed at this serious problem. Community efforts in response to surveillance data indicating high rates of violence surrounding convenience stores with unrestricted alcohol beverage licenses...