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Thyroid and renal tumors in patients treated with long-term lithium: case series from a lithium clinic, review of the literature and international pharmacovigilance reports

BackgroundCancer had never been considered as a relevant problem in patients treated with lithium until 2015, when a document published by the European Medicine Agency concluded that long-term use of lithium might induce renal tumors. A few months later, we observed the case of a woman treated with lithium for 18 years who was diagnosed with both thyroid and renal tumors...

An observational study of 110 elderly lithium-treated patients followed up for 6 years with particular reference to renal function

BackgroundRecent observational studies have focused on lithium treatment in the elderly, with particular reference to safety in terms of thyroid and renal functions. The purpose of this study was to compare the clinical characteristics of patients starting lithium treatment before (N = 79) or after (N = 31) the age of 65 years. Patients were followed up for 6 years with focus on...

Bipolar disorder and antithyroid antibodies: review and case series

Mood disorders and circulating thyroid antibodies are very prevalent in the population and their concomitant occurrence may be due to chance. However, thyroid antibodies have been repeatedly hypothesized to play a role in specific forms of mood disorders. Potentially related forms include treatment-refractory cases, severe or atypical depression, and depression at specific phases...

Renal function during long-term lithium treatment: a cross-sectional and longitudinal study

Background The effects of lithium treatment on renal function have been previously shown, albeit with discrepancies regarding their relevance. In this study, we examined glomerular filtration rate in patients treated with lithium for up to 33 years. Methods All lithium patients registered from 1980 to 2012 at a Lithium Clinic were screened. Estimated glomerular filtration rate...

Long-term lithium treatment in bipolar disorder: effects on glomerular filtration rate and other metabolic parameters

Michael Bauer Alberto Bocchetta Lorenza Bolzani Cynthia V. Calkin Caterina Chillotti Diego Hidalgo‑Mazzei Mirko Manchia Bruno Müller‑Oerlinghausen Andrea Murru Giulio Perugi Marco Pinna Giuseppe Quaranta

Duration of lithium treatment is a risk factor for reduced glomerular function: a cross-sectional study

Background The adverse renal effects of lithium have long been known, but glomerular insufficiency had been considered an unlikely event until recently, when new studies have raised concern regarding very long-term treatment. In this cross-sectional study, we examined glomerular function in a cohort of patients treated with lithium for up to 33 years and a control group of...

Erratum to: Online information seeking by patients with bipolar disorder: results from an international multisite survey

Martin Alda Raffaella Ardau Bernhard T. Baune Michael Berk Yuly Bersudsky Amy Bilderbeck Alberto Bocchetta Letizia Bossini Angela Marianne Paredes Castro Eric Yat Wo Cheung Caterina Chillotti Sabine

Online information seeking by patients with bipolar disorder: results from an international multisite survey

BackgroundInformation seeking is an important coping mechanism for dealing with chronic illness. Despite a growing number of mental health websites, there is little understanding of how patients with bipolar disorder use the Internet to seek information.MethodsA 39 question, paper-based, anonymous survey, translated into 12 languages, was completed by 1222 patients in 17...