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Modeling human early otic sensory cell development with induced pluripotent stem cells

language editing service. Formal analysis: Hanae Lahlou, Alejandra Lopez-Juarez, Arnaud Fontbonne, Emmanuel Author Contributions Conceptualization: Azel Zine. Nivet, Azel Zine. Funding acquisition: Azel ... Zine. Investigation: Hanae Lahlou, Azel Zine. Project administration: Azel Zine. Supervision: Azel Zine. Methodology: Hanae Lahlou, Alejandra Lopez-Juarez, Arnaud Fontbonne, Azel Zine. Visualization

Nogo Receptor Inhibition Enhances Functional Recovery following Lysolecithin-Induced Demyelination in Mouse Optic Chiasm

Background Inhibitory factors have been implicated in the failure of remyelination in demyelinating diseases. Myelin associated inhibitors act through a common receptor called Nogo receptor (NgR) that plays critical inhibitory roles in CNS plasticity. Here we investigated the effects of abrogating NgR inhibition in a non-immune model of focal demyelination in adult mouse optic...