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Controlling cell shape on hydrogels using lift-off protein patterning

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jens Moeller, Aleksandra K. Denisin, Alexandre J. S. Ribeiro, Beth L. Pruitt. Data curation: Jens Moeller, Aleksandra K. Denisin. Formal analysis: Jens Moeller ... , Aleksandra K. Denisin. Funding acquisition: Beth L. Pruitt. Investigation: Jens Moeller, Aleksandra K. Denisin, Joo Yong Sim, Robin E. Wilson, Alexandre J. S. Ribeiro. Methodology: Jens Moeller, Aleksandra

A Biotic Game Design Project for Integrated Life Science and Engineering Education

Engaging, hands-on design experiences are key for formal and informal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. Robotic and video game design challenges have been particularly effective in stimulating student interest, but equivalent experiences for the life sciences are not as developed. Here we present the concept of a "biotic game design project" to...