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Grand Theft Auto is a “Sandbox” Game, but There are Weapons, Criminals, and Prostitutes in the Sandbox: Response to Ferguson and Donnellan (2017)

, Columbus, OH , USA 2 Alessandro Gabbiadini Violent video games ● Sexist video games ●; Empathy ● Sexism ● Child development ● Reanalysis; It is Easy to Knock Down a Straw Person Introduction In 2016, we ... of humanity. Currently, he is also exploring real-life consequences of video-game exposure. He is also Editor of InMind Italy. Alessandro Gabbiadini received his PhD in Quality of life in the

Acting like a Tough Guy: Violent-Sexist Video Games, Identification with Game Characters, Masculine Beliefs, & Empathy for Female Violence Victims

Empathy—putting oneself in another’s shoes—has been described as the “social glue” that holds society together. This study investigates how exposure to sexist video games can decrease empathy for female violence victims. We hypothesized that playing violent-sexist video games would increase endorsement of masculine beliefs, especially among participants who highly identify with...