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Diversity in one dimension alongside greater similarity in others: evidence from FP7 cooperative research teams

Although diversity between team members may bring benefits of new perspectives, nevertheless, what holds a team together is some degree of similarity. We theorise that diversity in one dimension is traded off against diversity in another. Our analysis of collaborative research teams that received FP7 funding presents robust results that indicators of diversity in several ...

My first employee: an empirical investigation

The challenge for solo entrepreneurs to add their first employee is arguably the single biggest growth event facing any growing firm. To understand how this event affects performance, and the antecedents of hiring, we analyse Danish matched employer–employee data. Those who hire enjoy superior sales outcomes in subsequent years, while the dispersion in profits increases. ...

Predicting new venture survival and growth: Does the fog lift?

This paper investigates whether new venture performance becomes easier to predict as the venture ages: does the fog lift? To address this question we primarily draw upon a theoretical framework, initially formulated in a managerial context by Levinthal (Adm Sci Q 36(3):397–420, 1991) that sees new venture sales as a random walk but survival being determined by the stock of ...


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Coad 3 Alex Coad, University of Sussex, UK Francis Greene, University of Warwick , UK 4 441273685865 ; SPRU- Science and Technology Policy, Freeman Centre, University of Sussex , Brighton, UK, BN1 9QE ... accepted for inclusion in Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research by an authorized administrator of Digital Knowledge at Babson. For more information , please contact 1 University of Sussex 2 COnta Ct : Alex

On the distribution of product price and quality

Alex Coad We investigate the structure of demand by focusing on the distribution of prices within narrowly-defined classes of goods. We observe considerable heterogeneityproducts that are

On the Autocorrelation of Growth Rates

This paper studies the serial autocorrelation of annual growth rates in employment for selected Austrian service industries over a 30-year period using quantile regression techniques. The autocorrelation of growth rates provides important information on firms growth processes. We find that the growth patterns of micro firms are strikingly different from the growth patterns of ...