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Integrability from point symmetries in a family of cosmological Horndeski Lagrangians

For a family of Horndeski theories, formulated in terms of a generalized Galileon model, we study the integrability of the field equations in a Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker space-time. We are interested in point transformations which leave invariant the field equations. Noether’s theorem is applied to determine the conservation laws for a family of models that belong to the ...

Comments on the compatibility of thermodynamic equilibrium conditions with lattice propagators

In this paper the compatibility is analyzed of the non-perturbative equations of state of quarks and gluons arising from the lattice with some natural requirements for self-gravitating objects at equilibrium: the existence of an equation of state (namely, the possibility to define the pressure as a function of the energy density), the absence of superluminal propagation and Le ...