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Identifying the Evolutionary Building Blocks of the Cardiac Conduction System

The endothermic state of mammals and birds requires high heart rates to accommodate the high rates of oxygen consumption. These high heart rates are driven by very similar conduction systems consisting of an atrioventricular node that slows the electrical impulse and a His-Purkinje system that efficiently activates the ventricular chambers. While ectothermic vertebrates have...

The Ambiguous Role of NKX2-5 Mutations in Thyroid Dysgenesis

. Postma 0 Marian Ludgate, Cardiff University, United Kingdom 0 1 Department of Cardiology, Academic Medical Center , Amsterdam , The Netherlands , 2 Department of Clinical Genetics, Academic Medical Center

Prevalence of congenital heart defects in neuroblastoma patients: a cohort study and systematic review of literature

Data on the prevalence of congenital heart defects (CHD) in neuroblastoma patients are inconsistent. If CHD are more common in neuroblastoma patients than in the general population, cardiac screening might be warranted. In this study we used echocardiography to determine the prevalence of CHD in a single centre cohort of surviving neuroblastoma patients. In addition, we performed...

Genome-wide association study identifies loci on 12q24 and 13q32 associated with Tetralogy of Fallot

Heather J. Cordell 8 Ana To pf 8 Chrysovalanto Mamasoula 8 Alex V. Postma 7 Jamie Bentham 6 Diana Zelenika 12 13 Simon Heath 11 13 Gillian Blue 10 Catherine Cosgrove 6 Javier Granados Riveron 15