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On the dissolution of cellulose in tetrabutylammonium acetate/dimethyl sulfoxide: a frustrated solvent

We have found that the dissolution of cellulose in the binary mixed solvent tetrabutylammonium acetate/dimethyl sulfoxide follows a previously overlooked near-stoichiometric relationship such that one dissolved acetate ion is able to dissolve an amount of cellulose corresponding to about one glucose residue. The structure and dynamics of the resulting cellulose solutions were...

Chemical and ultrastructural changes in cotton cellulose induced by laundering and textile use

The textile industry is currently under pressure to decrease environmental load related to both the manufacture and the use of textiles. Material recycling may be one of many ways to accomplish such a decrease. Age-induced property changes in cotton textiles are important to understand in order to facilitate the recycling of cotton textiles. Consequently, this study investigates...

Effect of methylimidazole on cellulose/ionic liquid solutions and regenerated material therefrom

Cellulose, especially wood-based cellulose, is increasingly important for making everyday materials such as man-made-regenerated textile fibers, produced via dissolution and subsequent precipitation. In this paper, the effect of cosolvents in ionic liquid-facilitated cellulose dissolution is discussed. Both microcrystalline cellulose and dissolving grade hardwood pulp were...