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Terrorist Incitement on the Internet

review.118 110. Id. 111. Alexander Tsesis, Social Media Accountability for Terrorist Propaganda, 86 FORDHAM L. REV. 605, 606 (2017). 112. Id. at 609. 113. Id. at 616. 114. Id. at 615–16. 115. Id. at 610 ... ). 2. See generally Alison Virginia King, Constitutionality of Cyberbullying Laws: Keeping the Online Playground Safe for Both Teens and Free Speech, 63 VAND. L. REV. 845 ( 2010 ). 3. Alexander Tsesis

Social Media Accountability for Terrorist Propaganda

Review symposium entitled Terrorist Incitement on the Internet held at Fordham University School of Law. For an overview of the symposium, see Alexander Tsesis, Foreword: Terrorist Incitement on the ... ethical and social dimensions to the First Amendment that this Article only touches upon. See generally Robert Post, Recuperating First Amendment Doctrine, 47 STAN. L. REV. 1249 (1995); Alexander Tsesis

Congressional Authority to Interpret the Thirteenth Amendment

THE THIRTEENTH AMENDMENT ALEXANDER TSESIS ∗ I. INTRODUCTION Most scholars of the Thirteenth Amendment have argued that Section 2 grants Congress broad powers to pass civil rights legislation.1 ... reading of the Thirteenth Amendment is informed by the Rehnquist Court’s Fourteenth Amendment jurisprudence stemming from the holding in City of Boerne v. Flores and its Copyright © 2011 by Alexander Tsesis

Due Process in Civil Commitments

helpful comments and suggestions Alexander Tsesis* In one of its most controversial decisions to date, United States v. Comstock, the Roberts Court upheld a federal civil commitment statute requiring only

Review of G. Edward White, Law in American History: From the Colonial Years Through the Civil War

1976) (1974). 66. WHITE, supra note 1, at 338-81. 67. Id.at339-41. 68. See ALEXANDER TSESIS, FOR LIBERTY AND EQUALITY: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 115-17 (2012) (describing

Self-Government and the Declaration of Independence

By Alexander Tsesis, Published on 01/01/12 ... officials. 5 See ALEXANDER TsEsis, FOR LIBERTY AND EQUALITY: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE (forthcoming 2012) [hereinafter TsEsIs, FOR LIBERTY AND EQUALIT] (providing the fullest

Interpreting the Thirteenth Amendment

JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW INTERPRETING THE THIRTEENTH AMENDMENT Alexander Tsesis 0 0 Loyola University School of Law , Chicago. I'm grateful to John Nowak, David Brion Davis, and Mike Zubrensky ... in the Twentieth Century, in 3 THE CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF LAW IN AMERICA 377 , 381 ( Michael Grossberg & Christopher Tomlins eds., 2008 ). 74 ALEXANDER TSESIS, THE THIRTEENTH AMENDMENT AND AMERICAN

Furthering American Freedom: civil Rights & The Thirteenth Amendment

been left to the states); Alexander Tsesis, The Problem of Confederate Symbols: A Thirteenth Amendment Approach, 75 TEMP. L. REV. 539, 560-76 (2002) (providing a detailed study of congressional debates ... Amendment. Nineteenth cendo battle with the abolitionists during the period of strain and stress over just what the Declaration meant with regard to society in nineteenth century America."). 65 Ste ALEXANDER