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The Use of a Pruned Modular Decomposition for Maximum Matching Algorithms on Some Graph Classes

We address the following general question: given a graph class C on which we can solve Maximum Matching in (quasi) linear time, does the same hold true for the class of graphs that can be modularly decomposed into C? As a way to answer this question for distance-hereditary graphs and some other superclasses of cographs, we study the combined effect of modular decomposition with a...

Enumerating Cube Tilings

Cube tilings formed by \(n\)-dimensional \(4\mathbb Z ^n\)-periodic hypercubes with side \(2\) and integer coordinates are considered here. By representing the problem of finding such cube tilings within the framework of exact cover and using canonical augmentation, pairwise nonisomorphic 5-dimensional cube tilings are exhaustively enumerated in a constructive manner. There are...