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The associations of personality traits and parental education with smoking behaviour among adolescents

We examined whether personality traits and parental education are associated with smoking initiation in a sample of Spanish secondary school students. Participants, taken from the ITACA study (842 adolescents aged 14–15 years), completed a questionnaire assessing personality traits of the Five Factor Model, smoking behaviours and parental education. Multinomial logistic...

Efficacy of gabapentin for prevention of postherpetic neuralgia: study protocol for a randomized controlled clinical trial

Background Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) is a chronic neuropathic pain that results from alterations of the peripheral nervous system in areas affected by the herpes zoster virus. The symptoms include pain, paresthesia, dysesthesia, hyperalgesia, and allodynia. Despite the availability of pharmacological treatments to control these symptoms, no treatments are available to control...

Effectiveness of a complex intervention in reducing the prevalence of smoking among adolescents: study design of a cluster-randomized controlled trial

Background The likelihood of an adolescent taking up smoking may be influenced by his or her society, school and family. Thus, changes in the immediate environment may alter a young person’s perception of smoking. Methods/Design The proposed multi-center, cluster-randomized controlled trial will be stratified by the baseline prevalence of smoking in schools. Municipalities with...

Determinants of non attendance to mammography program in a region with high voluntary health insurance coverage

Background High participation rates are needed to ensure that breast cancer screening programs effectively reduce mortality. We identified the determinants of non-participation in a public breast cancer screening program. Methods In this case-control study, 274 women aged 50 to 64 years included in a population-based mammography screening program were personally interviewed...

Factors related with symptom duration until diagnosis and treatment of symptomatic colorectal cancer

and general practitioners for their participation in contact with patients, especially to Dr. Julio Lago. *Collaborators DECCIRE GROUP Baleares: Magdalena Esteva, Mara Ramos, Alfonso Leiva, Amador Ruiz

Comparative efficacy of two primary care interventions to assist withdrawal from long term benzodiazepine use: A protocol for a clustered, randomized clinical trial

Caterina Vicens 0 Isabel Socias Catalina Mateu 0 Alfonso Leiva Ferran Bejarano Ermengol Sempere Josep Basora Vicente Palop Marta Mengual Jose Luis Beltran Enric Aragons Guillem Lera Silvia Folch

Efficacy of a brief multifactorial adherence-based intervention on reducing the blood pressure of patients with poor adherence: protocol for a randomized clinical trial

Alfonso Leiva 3 Marta Faj 1 Lus Escriche 0 Francisco J Audera 7 Sara Lpez 6 Ma Carmn Martn 6 Rosa Gonzlez 6 Gaspar Tamborero 5 Elena M Garca 4 Rosa Duro 9 Ramn Orueta 8 Francisca Serra 2 Pilar D'agosto P 11 ... intervention and practical exercises (to be supervised by co-investigators Rosa Duro and Alfonso Leiva). This training program will include a thorough discussion of the study protocol and will instruct nurses to