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Stalled decline in infant mortality among Palestine refugees in the Gaza Strip since 2006

this project. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Maartje M. van den Berg, Ali Khader. Data curation: Wafa'a Zeidan, Mariam Abd El-Kader. Formal analysis: Maartje M. van den Berg, Wafa'a Zeidan ... . Investigation: Majed Hababeh, Mariam Abd El-Kader. Methodology: Wafa'a Zeidan. Project administration: Majed Hababeh, Ghada al-Jadba. Resources: Mariam Abd El-Kader. Supervision: Ali Khader, Ghada al-Jadba

Increasing Neonatal Mortality among Palestine Refugees in the Gaza Strip

Background The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has periodically estimated infant mortality rates among Palestine refugees in Gaza. These surveys have recorded a decline from 127 per 1000 live births in 1960 to 20.2 in 2008. Methods We used the same preceding-birth technique as in previous surveys. All multiparous mothers who...

Structure-Function Analysis of Global Pharmaceutical Linkage Regulations

). Available at: 1 2011 Ron A. Bouchard , Dan Cahoy, Bengt Domeij, Graham Dutfield, Tom Faunce, Aidan Hollis, Paul Jones, Feroz Ali Khader, Joel Lexchin, Heesob Nam , & Juan Luis Serrano 2 Ron A. Bouchard ... , Canada, Paul Jones , Jones & Co. , Toronto , Beijing; Feroz Ali Khader, Ali Associates , Advocates , India; Joel Lexchin, Faculty of Health, York University , Canada; Heesob Nam, Centre for Health and