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Effects of Antibiotics on the Growth and Physiology of Chlorophytes, Cyanobacteria, and a Diatom

York , Wentworth Way, Heslington, York YO10 5NG , UK 1 & Alistair B. A. Boxall The occurrence of antibiotics in surface waters has been reported worldwide with concentrations ranging from ng L-1 to low

Does Uptake of Pharmaceuticals Vary Across Earthworm Species?

This study compared the uptake and depuration of four commonly used pharmaceuticals (carbamazepine, diclofenac, fluoxetine and orlistat) in two earthworm species (Lumbricus terrestris and Eisenia fetida). L. terrestris are a larger species and often found in deep burrows whereas E. fetida prefer to reside near the soil surface. Species burrowing habits and sizes may alter uptake...

Risk-based prioritization of pharmaceuticals in the natural environment in Iraq

of York , Heslington, Wentworth Way, York YO10 5NG , UK 1 Alistair B. A. Boxall 2 Responsible editor: Ester Heath Numerous studies have demonstrated the occurrence of pharmaceuticals in the natural

Evaluation of a Novel Approach for Reducing Emissions of Pharmaceuticals to the Environment

Increased interest over the levels of pharmaceuticals detected in the environment has led to the need for new approaches to manage their emissions. Inappropriate disposal of unused and waste medicines and release from manufacturing plants are believed to be important pathways for pharmaceuticals entering the environment. In situ treatment technologies, which can be used on-site...

Pesticide Residues on the External Surfaces of Field Crop Sprayers: Occupational Exposure

There is a general perception, amongst farmers and researchers, that post-application residues on the external surfaces of sprayers are negligible compared with residues remaining on the internal surfaces, although there have been few attempts to verify this assumption. The aim of this study was to investigate, using cotton glove sampling, operator exposure resulting from three...