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Prevalence and trends in transmitted and acquired antiretroviral drug resistance, Washington, DC, 1999–2014

Background Drug resistance limits options for antiretroviral therapy (ART) and results in poorer health outcomes among HIV-infected persons. We sought to characterize resistance patterns and to identify predictors of resistance in Washington, DC. Methods We analyzed resistance in the DC Cohort, a longitudinal study of HIV-infected persons in care in Washington, DC. We measured...

Use of national standards to monitor HIV care and treatment in a high prevalence city—Washington, DC

Strategic Information Division. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Amanda D. Castel, Arpi Terzian, Mariah M. Kalmin, Heather Young, Alan E. Greenberg. Data curation: Rachel Hart, Nabil Rayeed ... . Formal analysis: Rachel Hart, Nabil Rayeed, Heather Young. Funding acquisition: Amanda D. Castel, Alan E. Greenberg. Methodology: Amanda D. Castel, Arpi Terzian. Project administration: Mariah M. Kalmin

Characterization of HIV diversity, phylodynamics and drug resistance in Washington, DC

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Marcos PeÂrez-Losada, Amanda D. Castel, Alan E. Greenberg, Keith A. Crandall. 15 / 20 Data curation: Marcos PeÂrez-Losada, Amanda D. Castel, Brittany Lewis ... , Michael Kharfen, Charles P. Cartwright, Keith A. Crandall. Formal analysis: Marcos PeÂrez-Losada, Amanda D. Castel, Brittany Lewis, Bruce Huang, Taylor Maxwell, Keith A. Crandall. Funding acquisition

Update on the Epidemiology and Prevention of HIV/AIDS in the USA

, Washington, DC 20052 , USA 2 Amanda D. Castel This update on the epidemiology and prevention of HIV in the USA is intended to provide contextual background that will help inform an understanding of recent

Comparing Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Testing Strategies: Targeted and Routine Testing in Washington, DC

Background Routine HIV testing is an essential approach to identifying undiagnosed infections, linking people to care and treatment, and preventing new infections. In Washington, DC, where HIV prevalence is 2.4%, a combination of routine and targeted testing approaches has been implemented since 2006. Methods We sought to evaluate the cost effectiveness of the District of...

HIV Testing Implementation in Two Urban Cities: Practice, Policy, and Perceived Barriers

Background Although funding has supported the scale up of routine, opt-out HIV testing in the US, variance in implementation mechanisms and barriers in high-burden jurisdictions remains unknown. Methods We conducted a survey of health care organizations in Washington, DC and Houston/Harris County to determine number of HIV tests completed in 2011, policy and practices associated...