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Response surface methodology (RSM) modeling to improve removal of ciprofloxacin from aqueous solutions in photocatalytic process using copper oxide nanoparticles (CuO/UV)

Ciprofloxacin (CIP) antibiotic is considered as an emerging and biological resistant pollutant. This study aimed to improve of the removal of CIP from synthetic aqueous solutions in photocatalytic process through copper oxide nanoparticles as catalyst (CuO/UV). The effect of CIP concentration (10–200 mg/l), catalyst dosage included CuO (0.01–0.1 g/l) and pH (3–11) as independent...

Cervical Cytology and Human Papillomavirus Testing in Adolescent Women: Implications in Management of a Positive HPV Test

, USA Received 16 January 2014; Accepted 16 February 2014; Published 24 March 2014 Academic Editor: Hanlin L. Wang Copyright © 2014 Marilin Rosa and Amir Mohammadi. This is an open access article

Genome sequence of an Australian kangaroo, Macropus eugenii, provides insight into the evolution of mammalian reproduction and development

Frankenberg Keng Yih Chew Brandon R Menzies Jessica M Stringer Shunsuke Suzuki Timothy A Hore Margaret L Delbridge Amir Mohammadi Nanette Y Schneider Yanqiu Hu William O'Hara Shafagh Al Nadaf Chen Wu Zhi-Ping