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In Situ Mechanical Testing in Electron Microscopes: Current Progress and Future Opportunities in Small-Scale Experimentation

realtime study of deformation mechanisms. Investigations have now been focused on novel microscale Amit Pandey is the guest editor for the Advanced Characterization, Testing and Simulation Committee of the

Computational analysis of physico-chemical properties and homology modeling of carbonic anhydrase from Cordyceps militaris

Vivek Dhar Dwivedi 0 Shikha Arora 0 Amit Pandey 0 0 V. D. Dwivedi (&) S. Arora A. Pandey Forest Pathology Division, Forest Research Institute , Dehradun, India In the present study, the protein

Comparative modeling and docking studies of β-galactosidase from Aspergillus niger

In the present study we performed the comparative modeling, structural annotation, domain identification and the structural comparison of β-galactosidase enzyme from Aspergillus niger. Five domains were identified in the modeled structure at different residue regions. Two catalytic residues Glu200 and Glu298 were identified in the first domain of the modeled structure. The...