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CT scan exposure in Spanish children and young adults by socioeconomic status: Cross-sectional analysis of cohort data

curation: Magda Bosch de Basea, Marina Pardina, Jose Vilar. Formal analysis: Magda Bosch de Basea, Ana Espinosa, Jordi Figuerola. Investigation: Elisabeth Cardis. Resources: Elisabeth Cardis ... . Supervision: Elisabeth Cardis. Validation: Jordi Figuerola. Visualization: Mariona Gil. Methodology: Magda Bosch de Basea, Ana Espinosa, Mariona Gil, Jordi Figuerola. Writing ± original draft: Magda Bosch de

The Spanish version of Face-Name Associative Memory Exam (S-FNAME) performance is related to amyloid burden in Subjective Cognitive Decline

, Institut Català de Neurociències Aplicades, Barcelona, SpainAngela Sanabria, Montserrat Alegret, Octavio Rodriguez-Gomez, Oscar Sotolongo-Grau, Gemma Monté-Rubio, Carla Abdelnour, Ana Espinosa, Gemma Ortega ... • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Ana Espinosa in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Gemma Ortega in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Alba Perez

Trends and patterns in the use of computed tomography in children and young adults in Catalonia — results from the EPI-CT study

Background Although there are undeniable diagnostic benefits of CT scanning, its increasing use in paediatric radiology has become a topic of concern regarding patient radioprotection. Objective To assess the rate of CT scanning in Catalonia, Spain, among patients younger than 21 years old at the scan time. Materials and methods This is a sub-study of a larger international...

Cut-off Scores of a Brief Neuropsychological Battery (NBACE) for Spanish Individual Adults Older than 44 Years Old

The neuropsychological battery used in Fundació ACE (NBACE) is a relatively brief, and easy to administer, test battery that was designed to detect cognitive impairment in the adulthood. The NBACE includes measures of cognitive information processing speed, orientation, attention, verbal learning and memory, language, visuoperception, praxis and executive functions. The aim of...

Blood Amyloid Beta Levels in Healthy, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease Individuals: Replication of Diastolic Blood Pressure Correlations and Analysis of Critical Covariates

, Elan, Nutricia, Genentech and Roche. Isabel Hernndez, Ana Espinosa, Sergi Valero, Oscar Sotolongo-Grau, Montserrat Alegret, Asuncin Lafuente, Mar Buenda, Marta Ibarria, Susana Ruiz and Llus Trraga have

Chromosomal Bands Affected by Acute Oil Exposure and DNA Repair Errors

BackgroundIn a previous study, we showed that individuals who had participated in oil clean-up tasks after the wreckage of the Prestige presented an increase of structural chromosomal alterations two years after the acute exposure had occurred. Other studies have also reported the presence of DNA damage during acute oil exposure, but little is known about the long term...

Amplified Genes May Be Overexpressed, Unchanged, or Downregulated in Cervical Cancer Cell Lines

Several copy number-altered regions (CNAs) have been identified in the genome of cervical cancer, notably, amplifications of 3q and 5p. However, the contribution of copy-number alterations to cervical carcinogenesis is unresolved because genome-wide there exists a lack of correlation between copy-number alterations and gene expression. In this study, we investigated whether CNAs...

Assessment of a primary and tertiary care integrated management model for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Background The diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in Spain continues to present challenges, and problems are exacerbated when there is a lack of coordinated follow-up between levels of care. This paper sets out the protocol for assessing the impact of an integrated management model for the care of patients with COPD. The new...