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Academic Education in Complementary Medicine: A Tuscan Methodological Perspective

, Italy Copyright © 2007 Gian Franco Gensini and Andrea A. Conti. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use

Western Medical Rehabilitation through Time: A Historical and Epistemological Review

Received 26 August 2013; Accepted 10 October 2013; Published 14 January 2014 Academic Editors: S. Duport, G. F. Fletcher, and N. Nakhostin Ansari Copyright © 2014 Andrea A. Conti. This is an open access

Measuring the impact of evidence: the Cochrane systematic review of organised stroke care

, Andrea A. Conti Stroke units constitute a major progress in stroke patient care and international guidelines acknowledge their benefits in terms of disability reduction, home returning and survival after

Is thrombolysis for intermediate-risk pulmonary embolism beneficial? The case of Emeritus Professor Crow

incautious opinions. Waiting for the future generation to produce facts it is not always an advantage. A clinicians point of view Gian Franco Gensini, Roberto Gusinu, Andrea A. Conti Venous thromboembolism is

Systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy and the Cochrane collaboration

also likely to improve a recent trend in medicine, namely, the standardisation of clinical practice. Gian Franco Gensini, Roberto Gusinu, Andrea A. Conti In 1991 G. Guyatt published his first relevant

Commercial dressings for burns versus sweet ancient remedy

Gensini, Roberto Gusinu, Andrea A. Conti Honey, a sweet substance elaborated by honey bees, and coming from the nectar of flowers, has been considered as a curative remedy from time immemorial [34

Re: A Prospective Study of Aspirin Use and the Risk of Pancreatic Cancer in Women

appear to be associated with a statistically significantly increased risk of pancreatic cancer among women. They reached this conclusion after having documented 161 GIAN FRANCO GENSINI ANDREA A. CONTI