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Shaping visual space perception through bodily sensations: Testing the impact of nociceptive stimuli on visual perception in peripersonal space with temporal order judgments

acquisition: Lieve Filbrich, ValeÂry Legrain. Investigation: Lieve Filbrich, SeÂverine Blandiaux, Soline Burns. Methodology: Lieve Filbrich, Andrea Alamia, ValeÂry Legrain. Project administration: Lieve ... Filbrich. Resources: Lieve Filbrich, Andrea Alamia, SeÂverine Blandiaux, Soline Burns, ValeÂry Legrain. Software: Lieve Filbrich, Andrea Alamia. Supervision: Lieve Filbrich, ValeÂry Legrain. Validation

Counterproductive Effect of Saccadic Suppression during Attention Shifts

During saccadic eye movements, the processing of visual information is transiently interrupted by a mechanism known as “saccadic suppression” [1] that is thought to ensure perceptual stability [2]. If, as proposed in the premotor theory of attention [3], covert shifts of attention rely on sub-threshold recruitment of oculomotor circuits, then saccadic suppression should also...