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Follistatin-like 1 in development and human diseases

needed and essential to forward the use of FSTL1 in clinics. Acknowledgements The authors thank Dr. Jan Ruijter for critically reading the manuscript. Andrea Mattiotti and Stuti Prakash were financially

Cells Derived from the Coelomic Epithelium Contribute to Multiple Gastrointestinal Tissues in Mouse Embryos

Gut mesodermal tissues originate from the splanchnopleural mesenchyme. However, the embryonic gastrointestinal coelomic epithelium gives rise to mesenchymal cells, whose significance and fate are little known. Our aim was to investigate the contribution of coelomic epithelium-derived cells to the intestinal development. We have used the transgenic mouse model mWt1/IRES/GFP-Cre...

Early Embryonic Vascular Patterning by Matrix-Mediated Paracrine Signalling: A Mathematical Model Study

During embryonic vasculogenesis, endothelial precursor cells of mesodermal origin known as angioblasts assemble into a characteristic network pattern. Although a considerable amount of markers and signals involved in this process have been identified, the mechanisms underlying the coalescence of angioblasts into this reticular pattern remain unclear. Various recent studies...