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Alteration in expression of atrogenes and IGF-1 induced by fasting in Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus juveniles

The growth rate of farmed fish is an important factor regarding aquaculture success. An understanding of the cellular events that occur in skeletal muscle when fish undergo periods of fasting and refeeding provides information useful in developing alternative feeding strategies for improving muscle growth in commercially cultivated species. To evaluate the effect of 1–3 weeks of...

Integrative functional analyses using rainbow trout selected for tolerance to plant diets reveal nutrigenomic signatures for soy utilization without the concurrence of enteritis

Finding suitable alternative protein sources for diets of carnivorous fish species remains a major concern for sustainable aquaculture. Through genetic selection, we created a strain of rainbow trout that outperforms parental lines in utilizing an all-plant protein diet and does not develop enteritis in the distal intestine, as is typical with salmonids on long-term plant protein...