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Bayes optimal template matching for spike sorting – combining fisher discriminant analysis with optimal filtering

Spike sorting, i.e., the separation of the firing activity of different neurons from extracellular measurements, is a crucial but often error-prone step in the analysis of neuronal responses. Usually, three different problems have to be solved: the detection of spikes in the extracellular recordings, the estimation of the number of neurons and their prototypical (template) spike...

Recording Large Extracellular Spikes in Microchannels along Many Axonal Sites from Individual Neurons

The numerous connections between neuronal cell bodies, made by their dendrites and axons, are vital for information processing in the brain. While dendrites and synapses have been extensively studied, axons have remained elusive to a large extent. We present a novel platform to study axonal physiology and information processing based on combining an 11,011-electrode high-density...

High-resolution mapping of single neurons provides insight into neuron structure and LFP generation

Patrick Dini 0 Maxime Ambard 0 Ulrich Egert 0 Urs Frey Andreas Hierlemann 0 Bernstein Center Freiburg, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg , Freiburg 79100 , Germany Recent modeling [1] has

A synthetic mammalian electro-genetic transcription circuit

Electric signal processing has evolved to manage rapid information transfer in neuronal networks and muscular contraction in multicellular organisms and controls the most sophisticated man-built devices. Using a synthetic biology approach to assemble electronic parts with genetic control units engineered into mammalian cells, we designed an electric power-adjustable transcription...