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Detection of slow port scans in flow-based network traffic

. was supported by the BayWISS Consortium Digitization. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Markus Ring, Dieter Landes, Andreas Hotho. Data curation: Markus Ring. Investigation: Markus Ring ... . Methodology: Markus Ring. Supervision: Dieter Landes, Andreas Hotho. Writing ± original draft: Markus Ring. Writing ± review & editing: Dieter Landes, Andreas Hotho. 16 / 18 17 / 18 1. Landes D , Otto F

Participatory Patterns in an International Air Quality Monitoring Initiative

The issue of sustainability is at the top of the political and societal agenda, being considered of extreme importance and urgency. Human individual action impacts the environment both locally (e.g., local air/water quality, noise disturbance) and globally (e.g., climate change, resource use). Urban environments represent a crucial example, with an increasing realization that the...

Awareness and Learning in Participatory Noise Sensing

The development of ICT infrastructures has facilitated the emergence of new paradigms for looking at society and the environment over the last few years. Participatory environmental sensing, i.e. directly involving citizens in environmental monitoring, is one example, which is hoped to encourage learning and enhance awareness of environmental issues. In this paper, an analysis of...