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Selective targeting of tumor associated macrophages in different tumor models

Conceptualization: Andreas Weigert, Albrecht Piiper. Formal analysis: Bianca Kakoschky, Andreas Weigert. Funding acquisition: Bernhard BruÈne, Albrecht Piiper. Werner Korf, Andreas Weigert, Albrecht Piiper ... . Investigation: Bianca Kakoschky, Thomas Pleli, Christian Schmithals, Thomas J. Vogl, HorstMethodology: Bianca Kakoschky, Thomas Pleli, Thomas J. Vogl, Horst-Werner Korf, Andreas Weigert. Supervision: Stefan

GM-CSF in murine psoriasiform dermatitis: Redundant and pathogenic roles uncovered by antibody-induced neutralization and genetic deficiency

: Tatjana Scholz, Andreas Weigert, Bernhard BruÈne, Christian D. Sadik, Beate BoÈhm, Harald Burkhardt. Data curation: Tatjana Scholz. Formal analysis: Tatjana Scholz, Andreas Weigert, Beate BoÈhm, Harald ... Burkhardt. Funding acquisition: Tatjana Scholz, Christian D. Sadik, Harald Burkhardt. Investigation: Tatjana Scholz, Andreas Weigert, Beate BoÈhm, Harald Burkhardt. Methodology: Tatjana Scholz, Andreas

Immune and Inflammatory Cell Composition of Human Lung Cancer Stroma

Recent studies indicate that the abnormal microenvironment of tumors may play a critical role in carcinogenesis, including lung cancer. We comprehensively assessed the number of stromal cells, especially immune/inflammatory cells, in lung cancer and evaluated their infiltration in cancers of different stages, types and metastatic characteristics potential. Immunohistochemical...

Depletion of tristetraprolin in breast cancer cells increases interleukin-16 expression and promotes tumor infiltration with monocytes/macrophages

The RNA-binding protein tristetraprolin (TTP) destabilizes target messenger RNAs (mRNAs) containing AU-rich elements within their 3’ untranslated region. Thereby, it controls the expression of multiple inflammatory and tumor-associated transcripts. Moreover, a loss of TTP in tumors predicts disease-associated survival. Although tumor intrinsic functions of TTP have previously...

Inflammation-induced loss of Pdcd4 is mediated by phosphorylation-dependent degradation

The tumor suppressor programmed cell death 4 (Pdcd4) is lost in various tumor tissues. Loss of Pdcd4 has been associated with increased tumorigenic potential and tumor progression. While various mechanisms of Pdcd4 regulation have been described, the effect of an inflammatory tumor microenvironment on Pdcd4 protein expression has not been characterized so far. In the present...