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Dark matter phenomenology of SM and enlarged Higgs sectors extended with vector-like leptons

We will investigate the scenario in which the Standard Model (SM) Higgs sector and its two-doublet extension (called the Two Higgs Doublet Model or 2HDM) are the “portal” for the interactions between the Standard Model and a fermionic Dark Matter (DM) candidate. The latter is the lightest stable neutral particle of a family of vector-like leptons (VLLs). We will provide an ...

Vector-like top/bottom-quark partners and Higgs physics at the LHC

Vector-like quarks (VLQ) that are partners of the heavy top and bottom quarks are predicted in many extensions of the standard model (SM). We explore the possibility that these states could explain not only the long-standing anomaly in the forward–backward asymmetry in b-quark production at LEP, \(A_\mathrm{FB}^b \), but also the more recent \(\sim \)2\(\sigma \) deviation of the ...