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Group Cooperation without Group Selection: Modest Punishment Can Recruit Much Cooperation

Humans everywhere cooperate in groups to achieve benefits not attainable by individuals. Individual effort is often not automatically tied to a proportionate share of group benefits. This decoupling allows for free-riding, a strategy that (absent countermeasures) outcompetes cooperation. Empirically and formally, punishment potentially solves the evolutionary puzzle of group ...

On the Perception of Newcomers

Aldo Cimino 0 Andrew W. Delton 0 0 A. W. Delton Center for Evolutionary Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of California , Santa Barbara, CA, USA 1 ) Center for Evolutionary Psychology ... investigations of hazing motivation. Andrew W. Delton is a PhD student who uses experimental and modeling approaches to understand the psychology and evolution of cooperation.

Facing the future: Memory as an evolved system for planning future acts

All organisms capable of long-term memory are necessarily oriented toward the future. We propose that one of the most important adaptive functions of long-term episodic memory is to store information about the past in the service of planning for the personal future. Because a system should have especially efficient performance when engaged in a task that makes maximal use of its ...