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Analytic solution of the Starobinsky model for inflation

We prove that the field equations of the Starobinsky model for inflation in a Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker metric constitute an integrable system. The analytical solution in terms of a Painlevé series for the Starobinsky model is presented for the case of zero and nonzero spatial curvature. In both cases the leading-order term describes the radiation era provided by the ...

Integrability of the Einstein-nonlinear SU(2) \(\sigma \) -model in a nontrivial topological sector

The integrability of the \(\Lambda \)-Einstein-nonlinear \(SU(2)\,\sigma \)-model with nonvanishing cosmological charge is studied. We apply the method of singularity analysis of differential equations and we show that the equations for the gravitational field are integrable. The first few terms of the solution are presented.

Integrability from point symmetries in a family of cosmological Horndeski Lagrangians

For a family of Horndeski theories, formulated in terms of a generalized Galileon model, we study the integrability of the field equations in a Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker space-time. We are interested in point transformations which leave invariant the field equations. Noether’s theorem is applied to determine the conservation laws for a family of models that belong to the ...