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Starobinsky cosmological model in Palatini formalism

We classify singularities in FRW cosmologies, which dynamics can be reduced to the dynamical system of the Newtonian type. This classification is performed in terms of the geometry of a potential function if it has poles. At the sewn singularity, which is of a finite scale factor type, the singularity in the past meets the singularity in the future. We show that such singularities ...

Do sewn up singularities falsify the Palatini cosmology?

We investigate further (cf. Borowiec et al. JCAP 1601(01):040, 2016) the Starobinsky cosmological model \(R+\gamma R^2\) in the Palatini formalism with a Chaplygin gas and baryonic matter as a source in the context of singularities. The dynamics reduces to the 2D sewn dynamical system of a Newtonian type (a piece-wise-smooth dynamical system). We demonstrate that the presence of a ...

Yang-Baxter sigma models and Lax pairs arising from κ-Poincaré r-matrices

We study Yang-Baxter sigma models with deformed 4D Minkowski spacetimes arising from classical r-matrices associated with κ-deformations of the Poincaré algebra. These classical κ-Poincaré r-matrices describe three kinds of deformations: 1) the standard deformation, 2) the tachyonic deformation, and 3) the light-cone deformation. For each deformation, the metric and two-form ...