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Wood biomass characterization by DSC or FT-IR spectroscopy

The wood biomass obtained from four tree species: spruce, beech, willow and alder was studied. Sawdust obtained by sawing of wood was dried in a convective dryer at 80 °C, without drying-agent flow. The measurements taken with oven-drying method covered determination of initial moisture and its detailed changes during entire drying process. Both DSC curves and spectral data from ...

Application of the calorimetric and spectroscopic methods in analytical evaluation of the human milk fat substitutes

The aim of this paper was the analytical evaluation of human milk fat substitutes (HMFS) by the calorimetric and spectroscopic methods. The HMFS were obtained by enzymatic interesterification of blend of lard or milk fat with rapeseed oil and concentrate of fish oil. The enzymatic reactions were carried out at 60, 70, and 80 °C for 2 h. A commercially immobilized 1,3-specific ...

The use of DSC and FT-IR spectroscopy for evaluation of oxidative stability of interesterified fats

The aim of this paper was to assess the oxidative stability of structured lipids synthesized by enzymatic interesterification of a blend of lard and rapeseed oil with concentrates of n − 3 fatty acids. Differential scanning calorimetry was used to evaluate the oxidation induction time of interesterified fats as a parameter assessing resistance of tested fats to their ...