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The sorafenib anti-relapse effect after alloHSCT is associated with heightened alloreactivity and accumulation of CD8+PD-1+ (CD279+) lymphocytes in marrow

European Regional Development Fund. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Andrzej Lange. Data curation: Emilia Jaskula. Formal analysis: Emilia Jaskula. Investigation: Andrzej Lange, Emilia Jaskula ... ± original draft: Andrzej Lange, Emilia Jaskula. 9 / 11 10 / 11 1. Badar T , Kantarjian HM , Nogueras-Gonzalez GM , Borthakur G , Garcia Manero G , Andreeff M , et al. Improvement in clinical outcome of FLT3

A Multicentre Study on the Efficacy, Safety and Pharmacokinetics of IqYmune®, a Highly Purified 10% Liquid Intravenous Immunoglobulin, in Patients with Primary Immune Deficiency

This multicentre, open-label, prospective, single-arm study was designed to evaluate the efficacy, pharmacokinetics, and safety of IqYmune®, a highly purified 10% polyvalent immunoglobulin preparation for intravenous administration in patients with primary immunodeficiency. IqYmune® was administered to 62 patients (aged 2–61 years) with X-linked agammaglobulinemia or common...

Erratum to: Donor age and C1orf132/MIR29B2C determine age-related methylation signature of blood after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

publication of this article [1], it has come to our attention that the affiliations for author Andrzej Lange were captured incorrectly, as being affiliated with only 3Lower Silesian Center for Cellular

Donor age and C1orf132/MIR29B2C determine age-related methylation signature of blood after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

5 Jarosław Berent 6 Wojciech Branicki 4 Wiesław Jędrzejczak 7 Andrzej Lange 1 Rafał Płoski 0 8 0 Department of Medical Genetics, Warsaw Medical University , Pawińskiego 3c, Warsaw PL 02-106 , Poland

Decreased Expression of CXCR4 Chemokine Receptor in Bone Marrow after Chemotherapy in Patients with Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas Is a Good Prognostic Factor

Background CXCR4 chemokine receptor is constitutively expressed on normal and malignant B lymphocytes derived from patients with B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders and has a significant role in cell migration to lymph nodes and bone marrow. Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (NHL) constitute a heterogeneous group of lymphoproliferative diseases, which can localize not only to lymph nodes...

Both Optimal Matching and Procedure Duration Influence Survival of Patients after Unrelated Donor Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Eighty-six patients suffering from hematological malignancies, immunodeficiencies, and aplastic anemias received alloHSCT from unrelated donors. Donors were selected from the BMDW files and further matching was performed according to the confirmatory typing procedure with the use of PCR SSP and that based on sequencing. The time from the clinical request of the donor search to...

A Threefold Dose Intensity Treatment With Ifosfamide, Carboplatin, and Etoposide for Patients With Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Randomized Trial

Background The dose intensity of chemotherapy can be increased to the highest possible level by early administration of multiple and sequential high-dose cycles supported by transfusion with peripheral blood progenitor cells (PBPCs). A randomized trial was performed to test the impact of such dose intensification on the long-term survival of patients with small cell lung cancer...