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Physiochemical characterization and cytotoxicity evaluation of mercury-based formulation for the development of anticancer therapeuticals

Biology, University of Debrecen, Hungary, and UGC Stipendium Hungaricum (Educational Exchange) Programme. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Balaji S, Arul Amuthan, Anil Kumar NV. Data curation ... , Balasubramanian N. Writing ± original draft: Kannan N, Shanmuga Sundar S, Balaji S. Writing ± review & editing: Balaji S, Arul Amuthan, Anil Kumar NV, Balasubramanian N. 11 / 13 12 / 13 1. Cooper K , Noller B

Optimization of chromium and tannic acid bioremediation by Aspergillus niveus using Plackett–Burman design and response surface methodology

A chromium and tannic acid resistance fungal strain was isolated from tannery effluent, and identified as Aspergillus niveus MCC 1318 based on its rDNA gene sequence. The MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) of the isolate against chromium and tannic acid was found to be 200 ppm and 5% respectively. Optimization of physiochemical parameters for biosorption of chromium and...

Bio-fortification potential of global wild annual lentil core collection

Agricultural Research and International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Area, India office New Delhi. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Sandeep Kumar, Mohar Singh. Data curation: Anil Kumar

Improved diagonal queue medical image steganography using Chaos theory, LFSR, and Rabin cryptosystem

, book chapters, and conferences (IEEE, ACM, Scopus, SCI, etc.). Dr. Anil Kumar received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim (India). He is currently working

Phosphate uptake and translocation in a tropical Canna-based constructed wetland

Introduction Considering the problem of eutrophication of the water bodies, phosphate removal from water has emerged as a research of topical interest. The present study aims to investigate the efficacy of Canna lily-based constructed wetland to remove phosphate from wastewater. The translocation of phosphate in plant tissue and its biochemical transformation in sediments is also...

Correction to: Formation Mechanism of Mud Bank Along the Southwest Coast of India

In the original article, V. Samiksha’s family name was incorrect. It is correct as reflect in this erratum. The original article has also been updated.

Existence of common fixed point and best proximity point for generalized nonexpansive type maps in convex metric space

Anil Kumar Here, we extend the notion of (E.A.) property in a convex metric space defined by Kumar and Rathee (Fixed Point Theory Appl 1-14, 2014) by introducing a new class of self-maps which

Improved diagonal queue medical image steganography using Chaos theory, LFSR, and Rabin cryptosystem

(IEEE, ACM, Scopus, SCI, etc.). Dr. Anil Kumar received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim (India). He is currently working as a Professor in the Department

Comparative Expression Analysis of Rice and Arabidopsis Peroxiredoxin Genes Suggests Conserved or Diversified Roles Between the Two Species and Leads to the Identification of Tandemly Duplicated Rice Peroxiredoxin Genes Differentially Expressed in Seeds

Background Peroxiredoxins (PRXs) have recently been identified as plant antioxidants. Completion of various genome sequencing projects has provided genome-wide information about PRX genes in major plant species. Two of these -- Oryza sativa (rice) and Arabidopsis -- each have 10 PRX members. Although significant progress has been made in understanding their biological roles in...

Expression of four phosphate transporter genes from Finger millet (Eleusine coracana L.) in response to mycorrhizal colonization and Pi stress

Phosphorus (P) is a vital nutrient for plant growth and development, and is absorbed in cells with the help of membrane-spanning inorganic phosphate transporter (Pht) protein. Symbiosis with arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) also helps in transporting P from the soil to plant and Pht proteins play an important role in it. To understand this phenomenon in Finger Mille plant, we have...

Degradation of selected industrial dyes using Mg-doped TiO2 polyscales under natural sun light as an alternative driving energy

Designing photocatalytic materials with modified functionalities for the utilization of renewable energy sources as an alternative driving energy has attracted much attention in the area of sustainable wastewater treatment applications. Catalyst-assisted advanced oxidation process is an emerging treatment technology for organic pollutants and toxicants in industrial wastewater...

Bibliometrics to Altmetrics: Changing Trends in Assessing Research Impact

. However, the importance of altmetrics cannot be overlooked in changing world of digital technology. dr Anil Kumar dhiman holds MA, MSc, MLIS, BEd, PGDCA, MBA (IT) and PhD (Botany) & PhD (LIS). He is working

Abiotic Stresses Downregulate Key Genes Involved in Nitrogen Uptake and Assimilation in Brassica juncea L.

Abiotic stresses such as salinity, drought and extreme temperatures affect nitrogen (N) uptake and assimilation in plants. However, little is known about the regulation of N pathway genes at transcriptional level under abiotic stress conditions in Brassica juncea. In the present work, genes encoding nitrate transporters (NRT), ammonium transporters (AMT), nitrate reductase (NR...

Carbon: Nitrogen Interaction Regulates Expression of Genes Involved in N-Uptake and Assimilation in Brassica juncea L.

In plants, several cellular and metabolic pathways interact with each other to regulate processes that are vital for their growth and development. Carbon (C) and Nitrogen (N) are two main nutrients for plants and coordination of C and N pathways is an important factor for maintaining plant growth and development. In the present work, influence of nitrogen and sucrose (C source...

Systematic Identification of Coordination Gaps in Pediatric Care

In the United States, the status of coordination among pediatric care services is not well understood. Through the use of quality improvement (QI) techniques, coordination gaps were systematically identified in the interagency network of pediatric services in Kalamazoo MI. Gaps were found in transportation resources, follow-up procedures, awareness of services, interagency...

Draft genome sequence of Karnal bunt pathogen (Tilletia indica) of wheat provides insights into the pathogenic mechanisms of quarantined fungus

Karnal bunt disease in wheat is caused by hemibiotrophic fungus, Tilletia indica that has been placed as quarantine pest in more than 70 countries. Despite its economic importance, little knowledge about the molecular components of fungal pathogenesis is known. In this study, first time the genome sequence of T. indica has been deciphered for unraveling the effectors’ functions...

Parametric optimization of MRR and surface roughness in wire electro discharge machining (WEDM) of D2 steel using Taguchi-based utility approach

Background This paper reports the effect of process parameters on material removal rate (MRR) and surface roughness (Ra) in wire electro discharge machining of AISI D2 steel. Findings The wire electro discharge machining characteristics of AISI D2 steel have been investigated using an orthogonal array of design. The pulse on time and servo voltage are the most significant...

Fixed point and common fixed point results in cone metric space and application to invariant approximation

In this work, the concept of almost contraction for multi-valued mappings in the setting of cone metric spaces is defined and then we establish some fixed point and common fixed point results in the set-up of cone metric spaces. As an application, some invariant approximation results are obtained. The results of this paper extend and improve the corresponding results of multi...