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Impairment in emotion perception from body movements in individuals with bipolar I and bipolar II disorder is associated with functional capacity

Background Individuals with bipolar disorder present with moderate impairments in social cognition during the euthymic state. The impairment extends to theory of mind and to the perception of emotion in faces and voices, but it is unclear if emotion perception from body movements is affected. The main aim of this study was to examine if participants with bipolar disorder perform...

Serum concentrations of mood stabilizers are associated with memory, but not other cognitive domains in psychosis spectrum disorders; explorative analyses in a naturalistic setting

naturalistic setting Nils Eiel Steen 0 Monica Aas Carmen Simonsen Ingrid Dieset Martin Tesli Mari Nerhus Erlend Gardsjord Ragni Mørch Ingrid Agartz Ingrid Melle Anja Vaskinn Olav Spigset Ole A. Andreassen 0

Apathy is associated with executive functioning in first episode psychosis

Background The underlying nature of negative symptoms in psychosis is poorly understood. Investigation of the relationship between the different negative subsymptoms and neurocognition is one approach to understand more of the underlying nature. Apathy, one of the subsymptoms, is also a common symptom in other brain disorders. Its association with neurocognition, in particular...