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Publishing protocols for trials of complex interventions before trial completion – potential pitfalls, solutions and the need for public debate

Background Open Science is ‘the movement to make scientific research, data and dissemination accessible to all levels of an inquiring society’. In the spirit of the Open Science movement, advance publication of protocols for clinical trials is now being advocated by BioMed Central, BMJ Open and others. Simultaneously, participants are becoming increasingly active in their pursuit...

Participatory design in the development of an early therapy intervention for perinatal stroke

Background Perinatal stroke is the leading cause of unilateral (hemiparetic) cerebral palsy, with life-long personal, social and financial consequences. Translational research findings indicate that early therapy intervention has the potential for significant improvements in long-term outcome in terms of motor function. By involving families and health professionals in the...

Structural connectivity in a paediatric case of anarchic hand syndrome

Background “Anarchic hand” is a rare condition characterised by non-volitional, goal-directed movements of one arm. We report a case with analysis of structural and functional connectivity. Case presentation A 15 year old girl developed intermittent symptoms of intermanual conflict or anarchic hand as a result of traumatic brain injury during which she sustained a callosal bleed...