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Ensemble method for dengue prediction

Baugher. Investigation: Anna L. Buczak. Methodology: Anna L. Buczak, Benjamin Baugher, Linda J. Moniz. Project administration: Anna L. Buczak. Software: Benjamin Baugher, Linda J. Moniz, Thomas Bagley ... , Erhan Guven. Validation: Benjamin Baugher, Linda J. Moniz, Thomas Bagley, Steven M. Babin. Visualization: Steven M. Babin. Writing ± original draft: Anna L. Buczak, Benjamin Baugher, Linda J. Moniz

Data-driven approach for creating synthetic electronic medical records

Background New algorithms for disease outbreak detection are being developed to take advantage of full electronic medical records (EMRs) that contain a wealth of patient information. However, due to privacy concerns, even anonymized EMRs cannot be shared among researchers, resulting in great difficulty in comparing the effectiveness of these algorithms. To bridge the gap between...

A data-driven epidemiological prediction method for dengue outbreaks using local and remote sensing data

Background Dengue is the most common arboviral disease of humans, with more than one third of the world’s population at risk. Accurate prediction of dengue outbreaks may lead to public health interventions that mitigate the effect of the disease. Predicting infectious disease outbreaks is a challenging task; truly predictive methods are still in their infancy. Methods We describe...

Prediction of High Incidence of Dengue in the Philippines

Background Accurate prediction of dengue incidence levels weeks in advance of an outbreak may reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with this neglected disease. Therefore, models were developed to predict high and low dengue incidence in order to provide timely forewarnings in the Philippines. Methods Model inputs were chosen based on studies indicating variables that may...

The AFHSC-Division of GEIS Operations Predictive Surveillance Program: a multidisciplinary approach for the early detection and response to disease outbreaks

Witt 0 Allen L Richards Penny M Masuoka Desmond H Foley Anna L Buczak Lillian A Musila Jason H Richardson Michelle G Colacicco-Mayhugh Leopoldo M Rueda Terry A Klein Assaf Anyamba Jennifer Small Julie A