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Blowfly puparia in a hermetic container: survival under decreasing oxygen conditions

Despite widely accepted standards for sampling and preservation of insect evidence, unrepresentative samples or improperly preserved evidence are encountered frequently in forensic investigations. Here, we report the results of laboratory studies on the survival of Lucilia sericata and Calliphora vomitoria (Diptera: Calliphoridae) intra-puparial forms in hermetic containers...

Validation of temperature methods for the estimation of pre-appearance interval in carrion insects

The pre-appearance interval (PAI) is an interval preceding appearance of an insect taxon on a cadaver. It decreases with an increase in temperature in several forensically-relevant insects. Therefore, forensic entomologists developed temperature methods for the estimation of PAI. In the current study these methods were tested in the case of adult and larval Necrodes littoralis...